Will wait till end!!!

Will wait till end!!!

(Must Read.. Simply Sup..)


It has never been easy for me,
It was never smooth,
Have always been on roller coaster,
On every journey I took.

You are just part of it
And I want to be with you,
But as for now you are boarded or not,
I don’t know.

Things are unclear
As it has always been,
I want it to change,
Want to make my thoughts transparent,
But scared that it will ruin.

I am scared that I am late,
But still unable to keep myself away,
Because I have lost a lot,
Mostly even before I took my step.

Well I will stick to it this time,
Until I see it end,
And choose the next path,
Because it seems, even if broken,
Moving on is in my vein!!

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