Listing Websites with the Major Search Sites

SEO SearchIf you want to users to find your pages, to improve your sites traffic, you absolutely must submit a request to each of the major search sites to index your pages. Even though search engines index web content automatically, this is the best way to ensure your site has a presence on their sites.

The following list might save you some frustration; it includes the addresses of some popular search engines which will include your site for free, along with the exact wording of the link you should click to register:

  • Google—Visit, enter the address of your site and a brief description, and then enter the squiggly verification text, called a CAPTCHA, (or Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) shown on the page. Then click the Add URL button to add your site to Google.
  • Yahoo! Search—Visit, click on Submit a Website or Webpage, enter the address of your site, and then click the Submit URL button.
  • Bing—Visit , enter the verification text, enter the address of your site, and then click the Submit URL button.
  • AllTheWeb— AllTheWeb search results are provided by Yahoo! Search, so just be sure to submit your site to Yahoo!
  • Alta Vista- Alta Vista search results are also provided by Yahoo! Search, so just be sure to submit your site to Yahoo!

If you found this time consuming to get indexed with every site separately you can use these sites that provide one form that automatically submits itself to all the other major search engines plus several minor search engines. These sites such as

These services might or might not be of value, but I strongly recommend that you go directly to the major search sites and use their forms to submit your requests to be listed.

Tips for Search Engine Optimization

What I believe is no one can guarantee you that your site will be the number one result in a Google search but yes you can improve your site search-ability by following these basic tips.

  • Great Content – Only Having all good keyword is not enough but you must have a great content. As we know content is king and it should be great in terms of reliability, importance and informative, so that people can found your web worthy and will stay around.
  • Regular Updates – Sites that have new content added on a regular basis are seen as more reliable than sites that rarely do.
  • Keyword –Keyword means a lot, In web world it’s famous that Content is king and keywords are keys to reach to the king means if you want to get more attention by improving your page search then you must have to use some tricky but relevant keywords as per your page contents. Always remember you shouldn’t try to optimize your entire site to one keyword phrase – instead focus on writing pages for specific keywords and phrases.
  • Accurate Page Titles – Use accurate page titles. Your titles should be brief but descriptive and unique. Don’t stuff it with keywords.
  • Human Friendly URLs –Create human-friendly URLs, such as those with words in them that users can easily remember.  Create URLs that reflect your directory structure. This assumes you have a directory structure in the first place, which you should.
  • When Possible, use texts- not graphical elements- for navigation.
  • Within the content of your page, using headings properly.

Related FAQs

  1. Q.    I have lots of pages in my site. Do I need to fill out a separate form for each page at each search site?
  2. No. If you submit just your home page (which is presumably linked to all the other pages), the search spiders will crawl through all the links on the page (and all the links on the linked pages, and so on) until they have indexed all the pages on your site.
  1. Q.    I submitted a request to be listed with a search engine, but when I search for my page; my page never comes up—not even when I enter my company’s unique name. What can I do?
  2. Most of the big search engines offer a form (mentioned above) you can fill out to instantly check whether a specific address is included in their database. If you find that it isn’t included, you can submit another request form. Sometimes it takes days or even weeks for the spiders to get around to indexing your pages after you submit a request.

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