Dependent PM of an Independent Country

Manmohan SinghYesterday In Economic Times it was mentioned that PM Should Make People Laugh but not laugh at him. What do you think, Can We Laugh? If yes, then sure we can laugh on our silent representative who has given speech from Red Fort Today. He might be feeling proud but i am not.

Dear Manmohan,
Your words seems useless, don’t know why are you fearing so much that you can not respond to our neighbours who are beheading soldiers, who are challenging our heroes on border? Don’t know who is preventing you to pass the much awaited Lokpal bill and also confused that after 65+ years of independence why do you found that security for food is necessary? Manmohan, is it that much tough to get bread that you need to make a security billl?
Well People of India is not blind but yes we do not have much choice, you people are good in your business and know how to play with sentiments and how to rule. Well Manmohan Ji, we have stopped expecting from your team, who have looted this country. Your UPA looks very creative, performing and powerful which has done hundreds of scams and good news is that you people are still not out.
With most of brainless dumb you are sitting and we are forced to call them as your cabinet minister. Relatives of your Madam, Bansal Baba and many more are operating offices and CBI is busy but where i don’t know. From last 1 decade they have not solved any big case, and now your ministers are handling them. Why so that they can get some proofs against your oppositions?
Do something, you don’t have much time or else coming generation will remember you as a dependent PM of Independent Country. Do Something sir at least secure the girls, soldiers and defeat the communal war.

Krishna bless you with patriotism and freedom.

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