Modi-In-HyderabadWell, I am not surprise with the success of NaMo’s rally in Hyderabad but with the Media that how they failed to pick a single sentence on which they can mislead the country and gain some TRP for their business house. Well it was not a good day for Media as they failed to get a controversial statement from NaMo on which they can earn much needed money and blessing from her.

For me yesterday was a big day, as Modiji was addressing for first time after an ill minded statement from a traitor who challenged him to visit Hyderabad. I was confident that Modiji will visit Hyderabad one day but not expected that much support. Thank you Andhra, The real Indians. Yestedray, when Modi started his speech in Telugu, I felt touched. When he continued his speech in Hindi I felt proud. When he finish in English with Swami Vivekananda’s quote “Yes We Can. Yes We Will” I felt great. His speech and way of speech both reminded that what we need today is nothing but Unity.

Once he finished his speech my mind started asking how media will twist his words and will explain to the nation. I was sure that “Yes We Can” will beat Puppy remark and I feared that may be Media will say that Namo Has openly warned minority (2nd Majority) that “Yes We Can” but thanks to Krishna this time they failed and this biased media started saying that Modi has copied Obama’s punch. Our paid media hardly talk about his speech, his request to the people that live with harmony, His remark on Telangana and Seemandhra that they should celebrate the division for growth, the overwhelming crowd in inside and outside the stadium, and the chant of National Slogans. I would glued for some more time with my idiot box if they will show his speech in a right way but no they are just following their duties towards their business houses. Media hardly talk about Modiji’s remark on our silent PM, Corrupt UPA and their brainy/brainless (Well no comment, Better You can Judge) leaders remark on soldiers, their soft corners on Pak and China. Has Media covered that he asked the nation to crush the UPA why and how? Have some guts and do your duty with unprejudiced.

Modi In HyderabadI would be happy if you people will show the facts i.e.

  • Yesterday eve, Modi and Andhra Pradesh BJP has created a history in the Indian Politics as it was for first time that people get a ticket to listen a politician and the collected amount would be given to the another state for flood victims. What can be great than this?
  • Modi has urged people to crush this UPA who failed at every level. A Corrupt government who has failed to provide enough employability, failed to provide enough security to girls, farmers even our soldiers are not safe today in his regime. The PM and his ministers are good for nothing and failed to deliver what nation deserves.
  • Modi asked people with harmony and should celebrate the state division for better growth better opportunity.
  • Praised NTR and Asked TDP to fulfill the dream of NTR who wanted this nation Congress Free.
  • Given Example of Madhya Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Chhattisgarh’s development policy (Well about Gujrat no need to say anymore.)
  • The ill minded owaisi who challenged once modi was underground when Modi was in the city.
  • Well you have covered “Yes We Can”.

At last my heartfelt thanks to Mr K. Reddy for such rally which given us message that Together We Can.

Vande Matram..!

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