I was bit busy and also in chaos due to my personal problems but i took a pause and called her (Doubt) with a hope that I’ll find many of reasons to smile. When i called Doubt, she sound low, may be because i was not talking to her like before. When i started talking she became comfort and smiled at my meaningless talks/lies. We had a great time that evening (7th Aug) before she started talking about her Man, Her Idol, PK a filmy guy. She started talking about him and i started sharing the fact that before meeting her i was not knowing him and more others guy from the same stage are more famous more universal than him. She said she don’t care about who is famous. Her point was that he is a genuine guy, down to earth and so she loves him. During this conversation, don’t know when she smelled that i am opposing her and also not respecting her hero, she disconnected the call and text-ed her suggestion that i should stay away from her.

Well I’m feeling jealous to that man who has messed my lies..

Moral- Don’t mess with followers.

Feedback Please :)

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