Why are you here on this earth?

sunny kumarAn old Man from ISKON Temple Kurukshetra, whom i met last night in the train, asked to me “Why are you here on this earth”? When he asked this, for few seconds i found myself blank and was thinking that what to say to this old man that i want to live a better life with my family, i want to get married with a girl whom i love, i want to spend my morning watching sun and writing new lies on paper, i want to blame more and more this corrupt government and voting system and many more things which i love to do. I didn’t said these things and simply said that I am here to live my life.
He again questioned, animals are also living their life then what’s the difference between them n u? I said that they are living their life and we too but difference is that we are thinking of others and can help each other, we are responsible to make this world better.
I tried my best to convince him that i know why i am on this earth and he look satisfied with my answer. He said Krishna you seems a good guy just observe yourself, ask you inner self and if possible try to spend your life with keeping Krishna in your Heart, You will see the change on your face and will found peace in your heart.

Like a new student i said Thik hai.

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