Train JourneyLike other days Sapt Kranti Train is full but yes this is not a usual day, the weather outside the train is just awesome. Overloaded platform is looking beautiful with this amazing cloudy climate. Poor light management seems working and this stormy cloud darkness is adding amazing flavor and making a sensual environment. I am not only enjoying this weather but missing my love, my life too. Train Whistled and started running on time. Some of attendant who were boarded into the train are departing and yes there is some risk but they are busy in waving and now train has left the platform. An old man seems a Pujari instructed me close the window; i have followed him and closed the window with glass cover. Muzaffarpur is beautiful there is no doubt but this rain; Krishna Ji, i don’t have correct word to define its beauty and what i am feeling about my favorite destination. Green grasses, trees and working farmers in this rain are few things which i can see from this moving window. This all is making me feel fresh and like a little child i want to go out and enjoy this rain. While my life is on a wheel and i am moving from a small town to a metro city, not just a city but heart of this nation, i am going to miss many of things specially my small friends, my play grounds, local cinema halls, street hawkers and most importantly my family. But Delhi is my another guardian who gave me enough space to survive. It’s Delhi who converted me from a Dehati to a Dude. Well, I’m not a dude kinda but my friends used to say and how can i contradict with them 😉 Train is running at it’s full speed, i guess and just crossed Kanti station. I don’t have any memory this railway station but Kanti, this place is special to me. I have spent many of my childhood days and teenage eve here, played a lot of cricket matches and this is the place which shown me my first crush about whom i later found that it would be a sin if i will think about her. When train is going through this place, i can see the leechi garden where we used to come to eat lichi and had lot of fun. Krishna Ji, thank you for those days.

Train stopped; may be some one has pulled the chain, this vacuum system, some college students departing here and they are the culprits who stopped the train. God don’t know when we will be matured enough to understand our responsibility.  Train is near Motipur and it is still raining, If i would not be in train then i would be either in football ground or on the streets. I am  crazy for these love drops. I wish delhi would have the same climate, same freshness and same love for me.

I am going to miss my town but lucky enough that i am going to Delhi, Mini India, where you won’t miss everything and have lot of tools to recall your besties..

Bye for now, feeling hungry so going to eat.

Love you all.

and haan wish me happy journey 😉


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