Request to All : Vote for Development Vote for Modi

Get Ready to Kick Every Individual who are supporting this Corrupt Ruling Party which is good for nothing but scams.
Good news for all change seekers that After so many internal fights Namo has came out with a winner and declared as BJP’s chief election campaign and he needs us now. It’s our responsibility to make him win who has dream for mother nation.

To All My Friends Who Are Supporting Namo, Please start contacting the mass if you want to see change. Call every individual who are supporting UPA for discussion and ask him why they are supporting a party which is running from a fixed address from last 65 years. We are independent and talented too then why we always look and cast our votes to the Nehruvians, who can easily made Guinness entry with their unstoppable scams.

Why can’t we find a solution? why can’t we see a leader in us? I’m going to Support Shri Narendra Modi Ji, who never did a caste/region or religion based politics and proved himself as a leader of mass, a leader of development.

Muslims are not going to vote for Narendra Modi and reason is Godhra, Why can’t we Indian accept this truth that from last 12 years Gujrat is one of the few state which has not seen a single day of curfew? Now world is appreciating Narendra Modi for his leadership and development what he made in Gujrat.

It’s we, specially the youth who are going to decide the fate of 2014, so please vote whoever you want but not to congress who is very good at divide and rule politics and sorry but it’s a black truth that our minority have not much choice they can do business for their vote and can ask for 18 or 20% reservation and we should not doubt that congress would be happy with this deal as they are best in doing promises. So be careful and don’t vote for those who are dividing society for their loaf.

Have u noticed??
Recently congress won in Karnatka (They Must Thank Yedurappa) and what they did there, they allowed cow slaughtering as it was banned by BJP government, they were never serious about the development and these clever foxes are very good at Divide and Rude Politics, so please keep your eye open.

I’m going to support Narendra Modi and Reasons are-
He is one of the very few leaders who are not doing race,religion and region based politics.
He knows what India needs and he has proved himself as a man of development.
In Gujrat there is only 1% unemployment as he is capable to create jobs.
He is capable to restrict all those who are Indian on voter card but not in reality.
He is the only leader who can deal with our arrogant neighborhood.
many more reasons i have, will share later..
When we have seen curfew in Assam, Bengal, UP and many other states Gujrat has not meet a single day curfew from last 11/12 years.
He understand the India better and he can handle our arrogant neighbors better Narendra Modi .
He is a Man not a machine whose control is in other hand, hope you understand, so please vote for Namo.

Om Namo Namah.

Congressi are invited to discuss(Logical only).

“Desh kar rahaa Pukaar Narendra Modi Ab ki Baar”


share if it worth.


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