I’m Feeling troubled, weak and lost


I’m forced by my heart to write this note and to do share with you. If you thought that I have written this from my heart and it worth then a request to you is please share your opinion with me.

Nowadays, I’m Feeling troubled, weak and lost in my own country.

I’m feeling troubled and I do have a strong reason for this. As we know our constitution has given many of public rights and all citizen are equal as per law and it doesn’t matter how educative you are, how much money you making but now this equality term started alarming my mind and asking that equality to all citizen but have some pseudo Indians who got the voter cards i am talking about those idiot folks who fed by this country but they are working against the country. It’s a fact that many of times we have faced terrorist attacks just because of some pseudo Indians who living here but working against the country and planting hate and terror.

OwaishiLast week only a sick fanatics from Hyderabad, barked against our unity and flew to England, I know and do realize that we are in millions and so would have some sick minds too but I get troubled when I knew that he’s an MLA, a leader. My mind troubled and amazed when I saw that video, damn he was not only speaking thousands of listeners were listening him seriously, I don’t know how is his mind condition, what he thinks and seriously I don’t care a sick and will  ignore the way I ignore Diggy but i thought that he is not like diggy and speaking like a criminal, sad that listeners were liking him, poking him and ill minded anti Indians were/are supporting him, So I decided to oppose in my way.

I raised my voice on a forum where this debate was going on, once I started to put my views one man interrupted and said why not you are speaking against those who are speaking against minorities. I tried to make him convince that I hate all who are trouble makers but he was not satisfied and the way he was opening his mouth I was assured that he is another mango people who is bitten by an absurd and so he is boosting him. I said to him that I’ve watched video where that barking *** is speaking against Hindu, he must realize that Hindus are so called majority  but never wished to rule any minority but then he coined Godhra and NaMo. He started abusing and asked that don’t you know about godhra, I said yes I know and that is the reason I am worried and get this restlessness. I tried to convince him that it was not a reaction that you are talking about and it was started by whom world knows that who started and who burnt the train. He was not is a state to listen and only talking non sense. I have apologized and tried to convince him that this was a reaction against an action and the way peoples are opening their mouths may be we have to face this cruelty again so we should slap those who are creating troubles against the unity. When I started putting the facts he laughed like a devil and said to me to get out of from my dreams and then he left and so this debate ends and later whoever came were only abusing so I decided to leave the room.

That man left but he gave something to think; I started to search about that massacre and found how brutal the time was, realized how people act in anger and they forget that they are human not any wild animal. This all on which we do shame, a black sport which can’t be washed, was happened because of some hate and sick minds who started by burning a train.

We should learn from history and should stop delivering hate speeches and if some is doing this we should oppose the way Kashimshetty Karuna Sagar and some other Indians have opposed Akbaruddinand should have faith in constitution.

I said that I’m feeling troubled, weak and lost.  I am feeling weak because a common man has to answer all if he do any odd things but rich man like Mr. Robert  can skip and paid media don’t bother to raise their voice. Last month when we were praying, crying or fighting on roads for justice to a Rape victim this gentleman has fixed all the things and our advanced and self proclaimed voice of India is not bothering to come against the scams. Well, I don’t expect from paid media and do trust on my hero Arvind Kejrival and believe he will again create problems to these frauders.

To get a law we have to come on streets while they are making many of rules everyday and we have to live with those rules. We all do agree that we are suffering from corruption thanks to India Against Corruption movement which forced this lazy government to act, doesn’t matter it is still pending and a dream of common man but that fight gave us hope and a student like me came to know we can go by this way too. I’m hoping before 2014 election they will show some progress in this Jan Lokpal Law so that they can beg for votes.

I’m lost not only because media is not raising common man’s concerns or this lazy government  is not listening to us, I am feeling this also because they are trying their best to unfocused us. You can notice, whenever you will ask a serious question they will not give you answer bust will ask to you a question.

This is what we have to raise our voice ourselves and should have to share whatever we are feeling.

Thanks to the technocrat who had made things easy so that we can reach to each other by just a click.

Thank you and hoping a Better Tomorrow.

Feedback Please :)

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