Education system needs changes??

So friends what do you think about our education system, are you also feel that it need some changes.. if you are in favor of change then please give your suggestions that what changes we need to make. I have some points which should be addressed and it must be change as it is affecting or ruining the whole education system.

Things Need to change are

  1. Education should be available for all, as there is many of villages in our country where not even a single educational institutes are available and many of people here who can’t afford this education, So government should find a complete solution for this (there is many of programs which are running by government but it is not enough).
  2. It must be affordable– We are observing that cost of education is increasing day by day and parents are suffering to get admission of their child according to their child’s talent.
  3. Government should centralise all state board or to form such organisation who will control and co-ordinate with all state boards.
  4. Courses should be more practical..(video classes are a positive steps taken by some schools).
  5. Reservation in education– very serious issue which must be readdressed.
  6. Number of resources must be increase- as we are world’s second populated country so we must have education resourced in the same ratio but it is unfoutunate that it is not upto the mark.
  7. Examination system should be also addressed- student should not analyze on his single day performace..

We are good but we can be better, what you say??

Feedback Please :)

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